Any one who knows me well knows I love just driving and I love this country of ours!

Changing scenery as I drive Down the coast through mist wreathed ranges ..golden moss by the Old Putty Road, shoulders of rock, ferns and grass.

A wonderful canopy of damp dark forest overhanging all. A lovely little crystal stream hidden in a gully and covered with umbrellas of fern. later feathery blurs of silver grass fly by for miles, then tough red swords of grass next to dry and dying bush.

Dead and dying trees all still heart breakingly lovely, then further north stony acres for a hundred miles… Miles flying by and snow in drifts and shadow between Top OF The Mountain and Guyra…….Guyra’s main street an arcade of pines with remnant snow men and no remnant snow sculptors..all inside I hazard from the smoking chimneys .

A 4WD shiny new and parked, its occupants young men in Ski Suits throwing snowballs, as yet 1000 kms from from the snow fields and already playing.

A beautiful march of tall tree forest before Buladelah, and wide expanses of lake and shore, tiny houses miles from any where, all looking cold and dark in winter, but cool and inviiting in summer. Banksia scrub, with golden pillars of flower, after Forster, and vines tangled in all. Ti tree scrub, looking like brush fencing, and hovering Kites pausing then stooping to carry off some poor morsel for lunch.

Suicidal parrots on the road following the dandruff from the grain trucks, and getting drunk on the spills. King Parrots of Scarlet and Emerald, out of season and out of habitat but making a statement in the winter trees.
Drive north through trees and the corrugated road is striped with shadow, dizzying in its regularity.
Small towns with no one home..its saturday and all is closed. Grey and leaning, the houses look forlorn, the shops are vacant, the paint peels slowly down the drying walls, and fences webbed with spiders are shining in the sun.
Nearly home and up the range, wet and clean air rings with bellbird calls, and sun streams in long flashes between the mountain ranges, dizzying heights of rock threaten to fall, and the sun sets lemon and silver, with leaden clouds falling to the horizon, shot through with the silver.


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