I have been fortunate enough lately to meet some of the most inspiring people, and to have them become part of my Lupus Life.

So I think it is time to introduce you to them.

Firstly, my saviour at a time I was in need. While searching for support for my sister Cathy, who also has Lupus, and far more severely than I have, I met Gail C., who introduced to me to The Lupus Association Queensland, and helped me create that Magical Mystery Group of Lupus Friends.

My next Insiration was The Editor, the lovely guy who started The Lupus Magazine, henceforth known as TLM, which I would wait up for on the first of every month, in order to DEVOUR the articles.

And THIS  introduced me to my next Inspirational Lovees.

The TLM writers…WOW what a group of brave and dedicated people. And talented!! You won’t believe how talented these people are.

The Artist..who travelled half way around the world to meet LAQ and others. Her work is Stunning. And I had the pleasure of entertaining her for 3 days and nights. We toured and drove and took snaps and just oohed and aahed at scenery and aspects. Nights were easy. We collapsed in a Lupus Stupor..Stoopid Lupus. But in showing her my world, I saw it all again with fresh eyes.

The Pommie lass, a reet mint type of lady, with an amazing vocal talent and a skill in writing funny, poignant, and often downright crude articles, that unfortunately often provoked a back lash against her. Get over it people, she’s a dedicated Mum with the art of seeing life and people as it is, warts and all.

My Gymbastically challenged marshmallow sister, (an insider joke far too long to explain, although it is related to unfullfilled wishes and  typographic errors), who sees humour and challenge in everything, and manages to juggle a daughter, cats,a racing walking frame, and who has a family who have the BEST sense of humour EVAH!!

Little Princess Tiff, who never fails to look gorgeous, and who twitters away for Lupus each and EVERY day.

Ms Nothing is Kim-Possible, who writes a Blog full of humour, and who joined me in “Suessing” more than once. Perhaps one day I may post a few “Suesses” when i feel more inspired.

Lady Crystal Charlatan Killer, with her unerring ability to oust a Charlatan with one Click, and who wears her wolf with humour and dignity, yet fights him every day.

Ms Pirate Queen, who at a very young age has suffered some of the worst indignities and ailments Lupus can throw at her, but still manages a hearty  arr arr arr at Lupus, and who is slowly but surely getting HER life back, not allowing Lupus to conquer her.

My little red haired Circus Queen, who has in fact really run away to join the Circus, Lupus not withstanding, and is not allowing Lupus to interfere with her dream.

Far more numerous to mention is the World Wide Lupus Enclave, who come out to fight Lupus every day. They make me laugh, make me cry, and keep me sane.

Thanks Guys  for everything. YOU know who you  are.


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