I don’t like Sundays….Because Mondays are next!!

Today is a difficult day, as Sundays always are for me. Sunday is the day before my working week starts and I always mourn the un-done and the partly-done jobs, especially those I had promised myself I would attend to definitely, positively and absolutely. Sunday there is always a special meal to be made, as my husband comes home for his days off and I like to have a full on home cooked meal for him. I find that a sometimes difficult thing to achieve, even though I love cooking.

Today I did not sleep very late, so you would expect that would give more time to get “Stuff” done.  First a cup of coffee and a handful of pills, then to a cheats breakfast of Cornflakes, a precious ($10/kilo)sliced  banana, and a sliced strawberry, cold milk, all imbibed while sitting outside watching Kookaburras and bees herald spring (soon please?) in the gentle indirect sun…..there’s a rash coming somewhere on my body from that little indulgence.

Noooooooooope – no relaxing here ….today is Pharmacy Day…and hooray.  Good News this morning. At LAST I have reached my prescription threshold., Instead of $280 – $300 a month on scripts I will now pay about $40 till the end of the year. I am now in a race to get them filled every 21 days at the reduced price till the end of the year, so I have a bit of a stash for next year.

A little teeny meander through Lincrafts and Riot looking at beads and findings,  a teeny (I promise) purchase of more stock, then home.

To do……very damn little. I am TIRED, my joints hurt, my mouth is full of ulcers and my skin is red, blotchy and peeling and flaking. So I indulge myself (and the kitty) by brushing her for an hour…she is a Chinchilla and starting her spring moult. My hands and arms ache, but her purring is worth it. Let’s face it, MOST things make me ache or hurt SOMEWHERE. A long brush is for my sanity..those Kitty Bunnies breed like mad things and end up all over the house.

A long visit and Coffee with an expectant friend, a donation of 2 of my  bracelets to her charity for lost and stillborn angels, and then home again to husband, who works HUGE and Long days, snoozing in his armchair whilst the TV blares on a Western Movie. No wonder Mum has retreated to her sitting room. BUT, bless him, he’s home safe and that matters.

So   – my day is gone, I did Bugga all, and you know, I truly don’t care. I enjoyed it, and isn’t that what counts about days off.

Tomorrow I work, and my next day off is Thursday. I am sure I will manage to fill it with lots of nothing as well. Sometimes lots of nothing is actually a huge amount of work , because its healing time.



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  1. Kristel Goodspeed-Correa
    Aug 28, 2011 @ 22:53:56

    Good morning Annie~ I find most of my days off are that way as well. I dont have a consistent day off each week because it changes week to week just like my work schedule does, which some weeks I find very difficult to get anything accomplished because I am just so darned exhausted.

    I have a dr’s note stating that I need more consistent schedules, no work day longer than 8 hours long, no back to back schedules where I close the night before and then have to go back in first thing in the morning to work the opening shift the next day. However, my employer tells me he doesnt have to honor that note because “It isnt fair to others”. ugghhh [eyeroll]

    Anyways, just get done what you are able to and dont worry on the rest. Do the best you can but make that healing time for yourself the priority. Housework, etc will ALWAYS be there no matter what- if it doesnt get done, then it doesnt get done. Try not to worry on it. We have to make ourselves and our health the priority because no one else will (refer to response to dr note).

    Take care, get some rest and feel better


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