Desperately Seeking Spoons – and a Makeover..

here I am, I have managed another working week successfully, although I definitely flagged by Wednesday.  I have done a lot of sleeping yesterday and today. (Because I CAN as I live with my mother and she understands Lupus Fatigue).

Well, I’ve done it again! I need spoons in mega quantities. I am again OVERCOMMITTED.

I have a visit to the Vet today for my Pushka Kittie’s yearly check up and vaccination then I have to attempt a manicure on my rotten nails.  Rotten because in conjunction with splits, my jewellery making causes breaks as well. Sigh…pre Lupus I would religiously manicure every Sunday Evening and I had lovely nails.

You see, I have a wedding tomorrow, an important wedding, a special wedding, as my lovely niece Michelle is getting married after what may well have been the World’s longest engagement.
Therefore I MUST try and look like I DO NOT have Lupus. I know it is an invisible illness, but for me at the moment, my pain and fatigue show in my face, my walk, and in the lovely Lupus holes in my arms and chin.  Because Lupus just  loves to rain on your parade.

Well I have news for Wolfie (to paraphrase my Lupie mate Kristel) !!! I have an Umbrella for my Parade!! I WILL look gorgeous. I WILL walk upright and gracefully, and I WILL survive the day. What is my Umbrella. It’s that inner strength all Lupies seem to have, along with the very delicate Art of  saying “I’m Fine” and looking like you mean it. . This is possibly the most common lie we Lupies tell, but, you know, if you say it often enough you might even believe it. In addition to that, looking great helps you feel great so here I come World…

So, to survive tomorrow will be great. Then comes Sunday.

We Queenslanders are walking in the Bridge to Brisbane 5km Fun Run.

We will  be slathered in sunscreen, wearing long sleeves and hats, and possibly someone will be carrying a walking stick in their backpack, Someone else may be wearing a bandanna due to hair loss, someone else may be covered in bruises due to ITP or Medications. We may have someone we don’t recognise this year as they have been put mega Steroid Therapy and now have different build and features. There is a good chance there may be a wheelchair in the mix. There was last year. Someone from last year may be missing due to major illness.   But the “Lupus Diamonds” will walk proudly. We WILL !! And we will celebrate like triathletes winning Gold at the after Brunch.

I will get home around 3pm, but WAIT  there’s MORE.  A 45 minute drive to the Gold Coast for Dinner with the Lovely In Laws. My Mother In Law is visiting, and goes home on Monday, so Sunday night is my only chance to catch up.

So please all send, lend or give me your spoons. I think I may Need them. Happy Weekend Everyone.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. lupusadventurer
    Sep 09, 2011 @ 15:52:53

    I attended my niece’s wedding last week, and enjoyed a manicure and pedicure at the local beauty school there, and went to a regular salon for the hairdo. A makeover for a special event can be just the lift a lupus patient needs. I enjoyed mine, and the wedding! I hope you have a great time with your family coming up.


    • annielupus
      Sep 09, 2011 @ 15:58:02

      Thank you, I certainly will. I am eagerly anticipating every thing that is happeninfg this weekend. I just wish Lupus would let me enjoy back to back happenings WITHOUT taking all my Spoons. Curse Lupus, you hear me Wolfie… I CURSE YOU LUPUS!!!!


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